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Mohammad Bagher Khatibi, Alireza Badeleh, Rouhollah Khodabandelou
A Bibliometric Analysis on the Research Trends of Gamification in Higher Education: 2010–2020
abstract | bibliography

Miljana S. Pavicevic, Tijana Lj. Zivkovic
Parenting Styles as Predictors of Adolescents’ Self-Efficacy and Subjective Well-Being
abstract | bibliography

Larysa Kolesnyk, Tetiana Matusevych
Developing Democracy in Ukrainian Teacher Education: Current Challenges and Trends
abstract | bibliography

Hyoung-Jin Moon, Jong-Ho Nam
A Study on the Life and Effective Educational Method of Chinese Students Studying in S. Korea during the Pandemic
abstract | bibliography

Elizabeth O. Uyanne
Forms, Causes and Consequences of Gender Based Violence among in-School Adolescence in Ilorin Metropolis
abstract | bibliography

Jalal Deen Careemdeen, Mohd Mahzan Awang, Abdul Razaq Ahmad
The Influence of Social Pedagogy Towards Educational Well-Being in Sri Lanka
abstract | bibliography

Ivanna Shubina, Piotr Kwiatek, Atik Kulakli
The Relationships Between Critical Thinking and Creativity Among University Students in Contemporary Education: Empirical Analysis of Gender Differences
abstract | bibliography

Eunika Baron-Polańczyk
Reasons for the Use of ICT by Children and Teenagers in Daily Practice – Differentiating Factors
abstract | bibliography

Roland Pavlík
The Objectively and Subjectively Measured Level of Managerial Competencies as the Basis for Andragogical Counselling
abstract | bibliography

Oľga Orosová, Beáta Gajdošová, Jozef Benka
Academic Stress Factors in Slovak University Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic
abstract | bibliography

Piotr Błajet, Beata Przyborowska
Between Stagnation and Development. Models of Students’ Leisure Time Activity During the Pandemic
abstract | bibliography

Zsófia Kocsis, Gabriella Pusztai
Learning or Earning: Impact of Student Employment on Student Careers in the Eastern Region of the European Higher Education Area
abstract | bibliography



Mária Vargová, Anna Klim-Klimaszewska
Through the Diversity of Children’s Game to the Subsequent Learning
abstract | bibliography

Peter S. Bathan Jr.
Committing to Social Responsibility: A Grounded Theory of a Conducive Learning Environment
abstract | bibliography

Tusino, Semi Sukarni, Titi Rokhayati
Hybrid Synchronous and Asynchronous Language Learning in Writing Class: The Learners’ Psychosocial Perspectives in Indonesia
abstract | bibliography

Lukáš Hapl, Kateřina Kostolányová, Hashim Habiballa
Pupils’ Opinions on Digital Systems Education Enriched by DCBLP Discourse
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Michal Novocký, Mário Dulovics, Štefan Petrík
Monitoring Elementary School Teachers’ Approaches to Handling Bullying Among Students
abstract | bibliography

Tetiana Skrypnyk, Mariia Maksymchuk, Olena Martynchuk, Hanna Suprun, Roman Pavliuk
Increasing the Competence of Teachers in the Formation of Socio-Emotional Skills of Inclusive Classes Pupils
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Katarzyna Juszczyk-Frelkiewicz, Montserrat Simó-Solsona
The End of “Till Death do us Part”? Determinants for Living in a Cohabitation Union in Spain and Poland
abstract | bibliography

Tereza Janečková
Upbringing and Education in the Context of Migration Change: the Perspective of Russian and Ukrainian Parents with Tertiary Education Living in the Czech Republic
abstract | bibliography