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Lenka Ďuricová, Estera Frgelcová
Development of Self-concept in Slovak Adolescents
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Pavel Izrael, Mária Karasová, Melissa M. Yang
Parental Mediation of Digital Media Use Among Children Aged 3-8 from the Perspective of Parents’ Media Competence
abstract | bibliography

Abdul Manaf, Badrun Kartowagiran, Harun
Character and Values of Junior High School Students in the Coastal Area, Indonesia
abstract | bibliography

Nina Pidbutska, Anastasiia Knysh
Error-Oriented Motivation of Turkish Students During their Adaptation to a Foreign University
abstract | bibliography

Zahra Masood Bhutta, Hina Ali, Salahuddin Bhutto
Job Design in Career Context: Empirical Evidence from Higher Educational Institutes
abstract | bibliography

Cláudia Andrade, Emilia Żyłkiewicz-Płońska, Karol Konaszewski
Plans to Combine Work and Family in Portuguese and Polish Emerging Adults: Effects of Gender and Work Experience
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Ľubomíra Valovičová, Eva Sollárová
Effects of an Empirical Cognition Development Programme on the Creative Thinking of Preschool Children
abstract | bibliography

Alla M. Kolomiiets, Ievgen V. Gromov, Lesia I. Kolomiiets, Iryne O. Mazaikina, Dmytro I. Kolomiiets
Work with Foreign Scientific Editions as an Effective Factor in Motivating Undergraduates to Improve their Foreign Language Competency
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Sintha Sih Dewanti, Yulia Ayriza, Farida Agus Setiawati
The Application of Item Response Theory for Development of a Students’ Attitude Scale Toward Mathematics
abstract | bibliography

Natalia Dmitrenko, Inna Dolia, Sofiya Nikolaeva
Soft Skills Development of Prospective Educators by Means of Problem-Based ESP Learning
abstract | bibliography

Katarzyna Krasoń
“Man of Glass”, or Art Therapy through Theatre in a Group of Underprivileged Children
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Kálmán Sántha
Using Unstructured Cognitive Maps to Analyse the Reflective Thinking of Teachers: Results of Qualitative Research
abstract | bibliography  

Lee G. Baraquia
Development of a Teacher Grit Scale (TGS): Predicting the Performance of Educators in the Philippines
abstract | bibliography

Ariesya Aprillia, Rony Setiawan, Nonie Magdalena
Measurement of Lecturer Satisfaction
abstract | bibliography

Iryna Androshchuk, Valentyna Balakhtar, Kateryna Balakhtar, Petro Oleshko
Creativity as a Factor in the Psychological Well-being of Teachers of Higher Educational Institutions
abstract | bibliography