Volume 59/2020okladka

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Editor’s Preface



Soňa Kariková, Marián Valent
Life Satisfaction of Slovak Teachers
abstract | bibliography

Lenka Vojáčková
Key Motivational Factors Affecting Teachers’ Long-Term Engagement in School Projects
abstract | bibliography

Beata Pituła, Grzegorz Wlaźlak
Academic Teachers’ Self-Evaluation of English Language Competences and Teaching Methodology
abstract | bibliography

Miriam Uhrinová, Ján Tirpák
Teacher’s Personality with Regard to Performance Motivation in a Professional Context
abstract | bibliography

Oleh M. Topuzov, Oleksandr V. Malykhin, Nataliia O. Aristova, Anzhelika V. Shamne
Optimization of University Department Management: The Increase of Foreign Language Teachers’ Self-Efficacy by Preventing Job Burnout
abstract | bibliography

Muhammet Muhsin Umurbek, Murad Taşdan
Identifying the Perceptions of Academic Staff on Internationalization in the Higher Education
abstract | bibliography



Nachaphan Junthong, Suchapa Netpradit, Surapon Boonlue
The Designation of Geometry Teaching Tools for Visually-Impaired Students Using Plastic Geoboards Created by 3D Printing
abstract | bibliography

Izabela Bieńkowska, Krzysztof Polok, Adam Sutkowski
Making Language Teachers Creative; Teaching English in Elementary Mainstream Schools with Integration Classes
abstract | bibliography

Tetyana Semigina, Anastasiia Chrystiakova
Children with Down Syndrome in Ukraine: Inclusiveness Beyond the Schools
abstract | bibliography



Natalya L. Antonova, Anna D. Gurarii, Yana S. Vysotskaia
Short-Term Student Mobility: Motivation, Expectation and Barriers
abstract | bibliography

Karolina Glinka
Does School Experience Kill-Confidence? Chosen Aspects of Students’ Feelings and Beliefs about Themselves over a Number of Years of Education
abstract | bibliography

Atiqur Rahman, Yasmin Jahan
Confronting Yourself: Reflections on Academic Publication in Doctoral Study
abstract | bibliography



Cheng-Chang Tsai
An Action Research Study Exploring the Effects of Augmented Reality for English Vocabulary Learning in an Elementary School in Taiwan
abstract | bibliography

Beata Mazepa-Domagała
In Search of Tools for the Valorization of Children’s Artistic Creation in the Field of Imaging and the Results of the Creative Process – A Theoretical and Model Approach
abstract | bibliography

Wojciech Kojs, Jolanta Gabzdyl
Questions in Textbooks and Lessons – Comparative Analysis
abstract | bibliography



Karel Paulík
Some Psychological Factors Related to Work Engagement in Teachers
abstract | bibliography