Volume 58/2019 okladka

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Editor’s Preface


Jolanta Bonar
Using Creative Activities to Discover Children’s Understanding of the World 
abstract | bibliography

Cheng-Chang Tsai
Adapting an Anthropomorphized Robot for Enhancing EFL Learning Motivation and Performance at an Elementary School in Taiwan 
abstract | bibliography

Marwan M.A. Abualrob
The Affordances of Augmented Reality in Delivering the Science Curriculum to Elementary Grades  
abstract | bibliography

Piotr Mazur, Ivana Rochovská, Bibiana Kľačková
The Issue of Homeschooling in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia from the Perspective of Parents of Homeschooled Children
abstract | bibliography

Olexandr Romanovskiy, Svitlana Reznik, Yulia Chebakova
Peculiarities of Perception of Teaching Style and Motivation of Students’ Learning
abstract | bibliography

OJO, Olubukola James
Basic Schools Learning Resources and Effectiveness in Egbeda Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria
abstract | bibliography

Eun Hee Seo, Min Ji Kim
The Effect of Peer Tutoring for College Students: Who Benefits More from Peer Tutoring, Tutors or Tutees?
abstract | bibliography



Parubchak Ivan, Smolińska Olesia, Joanna Marszałek-Kawa
Social Aspects of the Development of the Management Systems of Eastern European Universities in the Transformation Period
abstract | bibliography

Magdalena Sitko-Dominik
Generational Membership and the Intensity of Social Media Use among Young Adults
abstract | bibliography

Mohd Mahzan Awang, Divya-Jindal Snape, Terry Barber
A Systematic Review of Theoretical Foundations for Pedagogical Strategies to Promote Positive Behavior
abstract | bibliography

Olga Marinenko, Elena Snopkova
Challenges Facing International Students During Study in Belarus
abstract | bibliography



Marta Kondracka-Szala, Joanna Malinowska
Entrepreneurship Education as a Challenge in the Education of Teachers of Pre-school and Early school Children – at the Intersection of Academic Theory and Practice
abstract | bibliography

Mona Zare, Naser Nastiezaie
The Relationship Between Distributed Leadership and Work Self-Efficacy with the Mediating Role of Academic Optimism of the Teacher
abstract | bibliography

Krzysztof Sas-Nowosielski, Agnieszka Kowalczyk
The Self-efficacy of Physical Education Teachers and Burnout in the Teaching Profession
abstract | bibliography



Alicja Gałązka, Marta Dick-Bursztyn
Supporting English Language Teachers in Teaching Autistic Primary School Learners
abstract | bibliography


Reviewers of the manuscripts sent from the Czech Republic, Poland, the Slovak Republic, and from the Whole World to “The New Educational Review” in 2019 pdf