Volume 57/2019 okladka2019_m

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Editor’s Preface


Joanna Marszałek-Kawa, Danuta Plecka
Education and Political Subjectivity.
A Study Report  abstract | bibliography

Katarzyna Markiewicz, Sara Filipiak, Joseph R. Ferrari
Exploring the Impact of Cultural Diaspora on Procrastination by
Gender and Age  abstract | bibliography

Angela Almašiová, Katarína Kohútová, Alina Budniak
School Burnout Syndrome in Students of the Helping Professions and
its Possible Predictors  abstract | bibliography

Chairy, Jhanghiz Syahrivar, Ida, Sisnuhadi
Does the Green Image Enhance Student Satisfaction? (Evidence from
Indonesia)  abstract | bibliography

Ewa Ogrodzka-Mazur, Petro Saukh
The Social and Cultural Tendencies in the Environment of
Contemporary Youth. A Polish-Ukrainian Comparative Study of the
Structure of Axiological reality  abstract | bibliography

N. Shokah Deiry, A. Al-Batayneh
Measuring the Ability of Physical Education Teachers to Apply a Developed Curricula According to the Knowledge Economy in Irbid Governorate Schools  abstract | bibliography

Saša Jazbec, Brigita Kacjan
“Multilingualism is the real thing”: Multilingualism from the Parents’ Perspective  abstract | bibliography


Wojciech Kojs
The Educational Value of Control and Evaluation Activities  abstract | bibliography

Milena Lipnická, Simoneta Babiaková, Mariana Cabanová
Self-evaluation of Future Teachers’ Didactic Competencies  abstract | bibliography

Marija Bošnjak Stepanović, Natalija Pešut, Nataša Branković,
Gordana Kozoderović
Primary School Students’ Misconceptions about the Physical Properties
of Water  abstract | bibliography

Hyoung-Jin Moon, Jong-ho Nam
A Study on Effective Educational Methods with the Change of Confucian Values in Korea  abstract | bibliography

Nurcholif Diah Sri Lestari, Dwi Juniati, St. Suwarsono
The Role of Prospective Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge of Content and Students in Integrating Mathematical Literacy  abstract | bibliography

Erich Petlák, Hans Schachl
Neurodidactics and its Perception by Teachers in Slovakia  abstract | bibliography

Irina A. Shcherbakova, Marina S. Ilina
Foreign Language Communicative Competence Formation of University Students by Using Interactive Teaching Methods  abstract | bibliography


A.A. Ketut Budiastra, Nia Erlina, Iwan Wicaksono
Video-based Interaction through Teacher Working Group Forum to Increase Elementary School Teachers’ Professionalism  abstract | bibliography

Badrun Kartowagiran, Samsul Hadi, Nur Wahyumiani, Fitri Alfarisa,
Widowati Pusporini
Effectiveness of the AA “4C” Authentic Assessment Model: A Single-Case-Research (SCR)  abstract | bibliography

Kamila Majewska
Virtual Consumer versus Internet Creator, or Attitudes of Polish Teachers to online Early School Education. Conclusions for Practice  abstract | bibliography


Lotta Anderson, Daniel Östlundb
Swedish Special Needs Teachers’ Views on their Work and Collaborations in Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities  abstract | bibliography


Jakub Adamczewski
Marek Kwiek, Changing European Academics. A comparative study of social stratification, work patterns and research productivity.
New York 2019. Routledge, pp. 274  abstract | bibliography