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Editor’s preface

Social pedagogy

Andrzej Radziewicz-Winnicki, Teresa Wilk – “Education for Tomorrow” in the New Polish Order: Images of the Postmonocentric Global Society
abstract bibliography
Tomáš Hauer – Public Area and Globalization Antinomy
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Technology of education

Bronisław Siemieniecki – Research on Using Internet Workshops in Education
abstract bibliography
Jana Kapounová, Kateøina Kostolányová, Jiží Pavlíček
– Theoretical Concepts, Sources and Technical Background of E-learning
abstract bibliography
Katerina Kostolányová
– Modelling of Logistics of Educational Process in Petri Nets Environment
abstract bibliography
Carmelo Cannarella, Valeria Piccioni – Training as an Innovation Device: Experiences in Dealing with Limitations of Conventional Technological Transfer
abstract bibliography
Beata Oelszlaeger – A Few Remarks on Children’s Spontaneous Speech in Class
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Jana Svobodová, Ivana Gejgušová, – Th e Communication Component in the Training of Future Mother-tongue Teachers
abstract bibliography
Štefan Chudý – Solving Educational Situations by Modelling as a Means of Pedagogical Skills Development
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Special pedagogy

Jana Swierkoszová – Note Dyslexia
abstract bibliography
Jiží Škoda, Pavel Doulík, Lenka Hajer-Müllerová – Concept of ‘Life’ Phenomenon for Pre-school Children
Psychology of Gender
abstract bibliography
Eugenia Mandal – Personality of Men and Women – Similarities and Diff erences. Temporal and Cultural Trends
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Marek Otisk – On Postmodernism, Writing Libraries and Language Vagabonds
Olga Zelinková – Expert opinion of the article Note Dyslexia. Author: PhDr. Jana Swierkoszová

Alistair Ross – Opinion Concerning “The New Educational Review”


The 1st Symposium of Pedagogy and Psychology PhD Students Wrocław, Poland, 15–18 March 2007 “Human relations and nowadays challenges”

Invitation to attend an International Scientific Conference on Education in a Knowledge–based Society: Ambiguities in Educational, Social and Cultural Reality