Volume 56/2019 okladka2013_m

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Editor’s Preface


Krzysztof Konarzewski
Primary School Pupils’ Attitude Toward Mathematics
and their Achievement in Mathematics abstract | bibliography

Eunika Baron-Polańczyk
Sources of Pupils’ ICT Knowledge and Skills – Differentiating Factors abstract | bibliography

S. Napitupulu, D.B. Manalu,S. Siahaan
Scientific Approach-Based English Learning Strategy (SABELS) abstract | bibliography

Larysa Lukianova, Iryna Androshchuk, Olga Banit
Time Management as a Pedagogical Technology of PhD Students’ Effective Self-Management abstract | bibliography

Nurul F. Sulaeman, Yoshisuke Kumano
Development of Students’ Perception Instrument of New and Renewable Energy (PINRE) abstract | bibliography

Cagri Tugrul Mart
Reader-Response Theory and Literature Discussions: a Springboard for Exploring Literary Texts abstract | bibliography

Marcin Rojek, Joanna Leek
Intergenerational Learning in the Virtual World. Case of the European Community-Based Educational Project abstract | bibliography

Tri Zahra Ningsih, Sariyatun, Leo Agung Sutimin
Development of Portfolio Assessment to Measure the Student’s Skill of Using Primary Source Evidence abstract | bibliography

Zuzana Sikorová, Tomáš Barot, Marek Václavík, Iva Červenková
Czech University Students’ Use of Study Resources in Relation to the Approaches to Learning abstract | bibliography

Yuriy M. Kozlovskiy, Volodymyr L. Ortynskyy, Mykhailo V. Pashechko
Influence of Knowledge Integration on Students’ Professional Competence abstract | bibliography


Kyungeun Park, Jeong Kyung Park, Sungeun Choi, Taejin Koh
Policy Making in Foreign Language Teaching towards Globalization:
the Act on the Promotion of Education of Critical Foreign Languages
in Korea abstract | bibliography

Marjan Masoodi
An Investigation into Metacognitive Awareness Level : a Comparative Study of Iranian and Lithuanian University Students abstract | bibliography

Sladjana N. Zuković, Daliborka R. Popović, Senka D. Slijepčević
Capacity of the Family System for Peer Violence Prevention abstract | bibliography

Myeong Hwan Kim, Eréndira Yareth Vargas López, Yongseung Han
Does Education Matter for the Earnings of Young Adults? abstract | bibliography

Safiyeh Shami, Naser Nastiezaie
The Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Organizational Agility through the Mediating of Organizational Learning abstract | bibliography

Joanna Góźdź
The Role of Determinism and Free Will in Unfairness in School abstract | bibliography

Kokom Komalasari, Didin Saripudin
Service Learning Model in Social Studies to Foster Student Social Care abstract | bibliography

Anna Brosch
Children’s rights in Digital Environment – Cultural and Geographical Contexts across Europe and Africa abstract | bibliography


Barbara Žužek Lackovič, Mateja Pšunder
Cooperation, Effective Classroom Prevention and Intervention Strategies : Teachers’ and Parents’ Views abstract | bibliography

Triyanto, Rif’ati Dina Handayani
Adopting Lesson Study to Enhance Pre-Service Teachers’ Pedagogical Knowledge abstract | bibliography

Genutė Gedvilienė, Vidmantas Tūtlys, Sigitas Daukilas
The Role of the Key Competences of VET Teachers in Enhancing the Quality of the Teaching Process abstract | bibliography

Olivera Cekić-Jovanović, Miloš Đorđević, Marko M. Đorđević
The Influence of the Flipped Classroom Model on the Development of Key Competences of Future Teachers abstract | bibliography


Mubashir Gull, Akbar Husain
Rumination and Mental Health among Parents of Differently-Abled Children abstract | bibliography


Kaliská Lada, Salbot Vladimír, Heinzová Zuzana
Replication Study of the Slovak MESI Scale and its Construct Validity in Two Research Samples abstract | bibliography