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Editor’s Preface


Kálmán Sántha
Teacher Trainees’ Beliefs Concerning Efficient Teaching and Learning
– Pedagogical Spaces in Focus abstract | bibliography

Aleksandra Tłuściak-Deliowska, Monika Czyżewska
Formative Assessment Practices and the School Social Climate. A New Approach to the Subject Based on a Study Conducted in Poland abstract | bibliography

Nora Nimani Musa, Mateja Dagarin Fojkar
Correlation between Students’ English Listening Skills , Vocabulary Skills and Out-of-school Listening Exposure abstract | bibliography

Neneng Nurjanah, Ace Suryadi, Ishak Abdulhaq, Ihat Hatimah,
Dasim Budimansyah
Gender-Sensitive Effect of Problem-Based Learnin g on Student Performance in Indonesian Teacher College Classes abstract | bibliography

Nani Barorah Nasution
Effect of Case Study and Concept Map on Critical Thinking Skills and nDispositions in Indonesian College Students abstract | bibliography

Anna Perkowska-Klejman, Anna Odrowaz-Coates
Measuring the Unmeasurable? Differences in Reflexive Thinking among Polish Students abstract | bibliography

Aleksandra Mihajlović
Increasing Pre-service Kindergarten Teachers’ Mathematics Teaching Efficacy through Lesson Study abstract | bibliography

Piriya Somasundram, Sharifah Norul Akmar, Leong Kwan Eu
Year Five Pupils’ Number Sense and Algebraic Thinking: the Mediating Role of Symbol and Pattern Sense abstract | bibliography

Violetta Rodek
Learning and its Effectiveness in Students’ Self-reflection abstract | bibliography

Iwona Tomas
Searching for Agreement . On the Difficulty in Assessing Artworks – Own Research Report abstract | bibliography


Jolanta Żarczyńska-Hyla, Bożena Zdaniuk, Jolanta Piechnik-Borusowska,
Barbara Kromolicka
Parentification in the Experience of Polish Adolescents . The Role of Socio-demographic Factors and Emotional Consequences for Parentified youth abstract | bibliography

Marcin Gierczyk, Tom Harrison
The effects of gender on the Ethical Decision-making of Teachers, Doctors and Lawyers abstract | bibliography

Tomasz Huk
The Social Context of the Benefits Achieved in eSport abstract | bibliography

Erich Petlák, Katarina Tistanová, Stanisław Juszczyk
Undesirable Behaviour of Pupils Towards Teachers in Slovak Schools Maria abstract | bibliography

Education reform – cui bono? abstract | bibliography

N S Bohra, S B Joshi
Establishing the Relationship Between Learner Profile and Retention of Learning : A Case of Adult Literacy Program in India abstract | bibliography

Suardi, Patta Bundu, Anshari, Sulaiman Samad
The Development of a Home Cognitive Stimulation Package for 2–3-Year-Old Children abstract | bibliography

Alina V. Dulia, Tetiana L. Liakh, Tetiana G. Veretenko
The Problems and Needs of the Families of Antiterrorist Operation Participants : Results of In-depth Interviews abstract | bibliography


Liudmyla Khoruzha, Mariia Bratko, Olha Kotenko, Olha Melnychenko,
Volodymyr Proshkin
The Study of the Higher School Lecturer’s Competence in Ukraine: Diagnostics and Analytics abstract | bibliography

Marlena Plavšić, Marina Diković
What a Teacher Should not be Like abstract | bibliography

Krzysztof Rubacha, Marina Siritova
The sense of didactic and General self-efficacy in literature teachers in Poland and Slovakia abstract | bibliography


Agnesa Pataiová, Peter Seidler, Anna Tirpáková
Verification of the Effectiveness of a New Education and Training Programme for Mentally Disabled Adolescents abstract | bibliography

Ghaleb M. Al-Hiary, Yusef M Migdady
Pre-service Special Education Teachers’ Knowledge about Autism abstract | bibliography


Igor S. Popovych, Olena Ye. Blynova
The Structure, Variables and Interdependence of the Factors of Mental States of Expectations in Students’ Academic and Professional Activities abstract | bibliography