Volume 54/2018 okladka2013_m

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Jolita Dudaitė
Literacy Change as a Result of the Education Reform : Comparison Among the Post-Soviet Countries
abstract | bibliography

Ewa Ogrodzka-Mazur
Identity Behaviours of Australian and European Communities of Schools with Polish as the Teaching Language – a Comparative Study
abstract | bibliography

Katarzyna Borzucka-Sitkiewicz, Karina Leksy
Cyberbullying as a New Problematic Behaviour Presented by Polish Youth
abstract | bibliography

Hyoung-Jin Moon, Jong-ho Nam
Study of the Effect of Chinese Confucian Ideas on Korean Youth Education and Culture and Teaching Method – Based on the Data of University Students
abstract | bibliography

Katarzyna Kącka, Bartłomiej Michalak, Joanna Piechowiak-Lamparska
Publication Effectiveness of Academia Employees in Poland : A Case Study
abstract | bibliography

Anna Brosch
Sharenting – Why Do Parents Violate Their Children’s Privacy?
abstract | bibliography

Joanna Smyła
The Professional Consequences of Shaping a Sexual Image Among Girls in the Social and Educational Processes
abstract | bibliography

Katarzyna Krasoń
Marginalisation of Culture and Aesthetics in the Polish School Seen through the Eyes of Its Students
abstract | bibliography

Olena Lapuzina, Yuri Romanov, Lidiya Lisachuk
Professional Ethics as an Important Part of Engineer Training in Technical Higher Education Institutions
abstract | bibliography

Isiaka Abdulaziz, AlexanderOlushola Iyekolo, AbdulrasaqOlatunji Balogun
Causes and Management Strategies of Violent Activities in Tertiary Education Institutions in North-Central Nigeria
abstract | bibliography

Olena Ionova, Svitlana Luparenko, Wiktoriia Partola, Oksana Gres
Waldorf Approaches to Organization of the Pedagogical Process and Their Influence on the Quality of Education of Ukrainian Junior Schoolchildren
abstract | bibliography

Nuri Wulandari, Johan W de Jager
Students’ Expectations of Higher Educational Experience in Public vs. Private Universities in Indonesia
abstract | bibliography

Dorota Anna Siemieniecka, Bronisław Franciszek Siemieniecki
Cyberspace in the Perspective of Cognitive Pedagogy
abstract | bibliography


Beata Mazepa-Domagała
Pictorial Preferences of Adults as Primary Intermediaries in the
Contact Between a Child and an Illustration/Literary Illustration – Empirical Perspective
abstract | bibliography

Myeong Hwan Kim, Yongseung Han, Sang Hyun Han
Should We Let Them Play or Not? abstract | bibliography

Alicja Gałązka, Magdalena Trinder
Creating a ‘Positive Environment’ Through Drama in the EFL Classroom abstract | bibliography

Amalija Žakelj
Process Approach to Learning and Teaching Mathematics abstract | bibliography


Jolanta Szempruch
Feeling of Professional Burnout in Teachers of Secondary Schools abstract | bibliography

Roman Kroufek, Vlastimil Chytrý, Miriam Uhrinová
The Effect of the Type of the Finished High School on the Nature Relatedness of Pre-service Primary Teachers
abstract | bibliography


Robert Sabo, Katarína Vančíková, Terézia Vaníková, Denisa Šukolová
Social Representations of Inclusive School from the Point of View of Slovak Education Actors
abstract | bibliography


Stanisław Juszczyk
A Role of Critical Questions in Preparing a Scientific Article abstract | bibliography

Slawomir Pasikowski
The Problem of Matching Rating Scales in Educational Measurement of Variables Modelled as Sets of Oppositional Pairs
abstract | bibliography


Montserrat Simó-Solsona, Katarzyna Juszczyk-Frelkiewicz
Welfare State Support for Families : a Comparative Family Policies Analysis in Poland and Spain
abstract | bibliography