Volume 53/2018 okladka2013_m

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Editor’s preface


Ahmad Sudi Pratikno, Sujarwo
Comparative Research on Top Five Universities’ Research Productivity in Indonesia and Malaysia abstract | bibliography

Katarzyna Borzucka-Sitkiewicz, Katarzyna Kowalczewska-Grabowska
Health Promoting Schools in Poland : an Evaluation of Health Promotion Implementation at Schools with a National Certificate abstract | bibliography

Unifah Rosyid
Managing Corporate Higher Education: Indonesia’s Greatest Challenge abstract | bibliography

Slawomir Pasikowski, Katarzyna Karolina Zajda
A Validation of the Inventory of Attitude Toward Social Innovation abstract | bibliography

Nasrun Nasution
The Effect of Incentive Reward, School Principal Leadership, Work Motivation on the Performance of Senior High School Teachers in Medan abstract | bibliography

Silva Bratož, Mojca Žefran
Systematicity in Foreign Language Classroom Communication abstract | bibliography

Luciana Maia Campos Machado, Claudia Emiko Yoshinaga
Self-assessment Accuracy, Overconfidence and Student Performance abstract | bibliography

Anam Fatima, Wan Ming, Asad Abbas
Chinese students’ Perception on Plagiarism: a Case of Anhui, China abstract | bibliography


Asnawi Muslem, Sofyan A Gani, Bustami Usman, Rismawati,Melor Md Yunus
The Influence of Authentic English Video Clips on Students’ Listening Comprehension abstract | bibliography

Nouri Y. Alwattar, Eisa M. Al-Balhan
The Effectiveness of the E-mind Mapping Strategy for Sixth-Grade Students’ Achievement Level in Learning Arabic Vocabulary in Kuwait abstract | bibliography

Elena V. Dostovalova, Pavel S. Lomasko, Alexander A. Maschanov, Elena M. Nazarenko, Anna L. Simonova
Teaching in a Continuously and Dynamically Changing Digital Information and Learning Environment of a Modern University abstract | bibliography

Ramly Ramly, Amirullah Abduh
Exploring Cognitive Concepts in the National Assessment of the Indonesian Language abstract | bibliography

Pramudya Dwi Aristya Putra, Yoshisuke Kumano
Energy Learning Progression and STEM Conceptualization Among Pre-service Science Teachers in Japan and Indonesia abstract | bibliography

Didin Saripudin, Wawan Darmawan, Tarunasena
Developing Learning Media of Indonesian History to Raise Students’ Historical Consciousness abstract | bibliography

Yulisma Yanti, Soewarno S, Tarmizi, Muhammad Syukri
The Influence of E-Portfolio Task Through the Facebook Network on the Creativity of Junior High School Students abstract | bibliography

Abdul Wahab, Alimuddin Mahmud, Muhammad Arif Tiro
The Effectiveness of a Learning Module for Statistical Literacy abstract | bibliography


Zlatica Huľová, Ivana Rochovská, Vladimír Klein
The Issue of Age Homogeneity in Groups from the KindergartenTeacher’s Perspective abstract | bibliography

Mihaela Brumen, Tomaž Zupančič, María Fernández Agüero, Isabel Alonso-Belmonte
Foreign Language Teachers’ Feedback Practices: a Comparative Study abstract | bibliography

Oleksandr Malykhin, Nataliia Aristova
Investigation into the Participation Activity Rate of Foreign Languages Teachers in Specially Focused Network Pedagogical Communities abstract | bibliography

Jovana J. Milutinović, Aleksandra K. Anđelković
Relations Between Teachers’ Epistemological Beliefs and Teaching Practice in Serbia abstract | bibliography

Samsul Hadi, Dedek Andrian
Detecting Teacher Difficulties in Implementing the Local Curriculum Developed by the Local Government abstract | bibliography

Krzysztof Rubacha, Mariana Sirotova
The sense of Didactic Self-efficacy in Mathematics Teachers with Various Personal Theories Regarding Gender Differences and Mathematical Giftedness abstract | bibliography


Krystyna Barłóg
Empathic Sensitivity of Children with Special Educational Needs in Inclusive Learning Environment in Poland abstract | bibliography


Bożydar L.J. Kaczmarek, Marcin Stencel
Third Mode of Thinking abstract | bibliography


Eugenia Smyrnova-Trybulska
Chronicle of the International Scientific Conference on Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Distance Learning, University of Silesia, Poland abstract | bibliography