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Editor’s preface


Utku Uçay, Petra Nettleship, Okálová Oľga, Jablonský Tomáš
Solutions and the Algorithm of Screening Indicating the Presence of FASD in Preschool Aged Children in the System of Early Care
abstract | bibliography

Jaroslav Veteška, Martin Kursch
The Research on the Efficiency of the Methods of Talent Management within Organizations
abstract | bibliography

Anna Babicka-Wirkus
A Three-dimensional Model of Resistance in Education
abstract | bibliography

Lenka Ďuricová, Zuzana Ladnová
Perceived Parenting Style and Self-Conceptof Slovak Pubescent Youth
abstract | bibliography

Zahra Masood Bhutta, Khadim Hussain, Minjuan Zhao
Job Crafting Practices and Work Satisfaction: Evidence from Higher Education Sector in Shaanxi, China
abstract | bibliography

Mirosław Kowalski, Łukasz Albański
Borders, Inequalities and Global Generations :
A Preliminary Study on the use of Ulrich Beck’s Concepts in the Polish Context
abstract | bibliography

GyeongAe Seomun, Wonjung Noh
Development of a Tool for Measuring Adverse Health Effects Due to Digital Textbook Use
abstract | bibliography

Patryk Wawrzyński, Joanna Marszałek-Kawa
Promotion of National Heroes as Civic Role-Models during Democratisation
abstract | bibliography

Sariyatun, Hermanu Joebagio, Bambang Sumardjoko
Proliferation of Democratic Education in Indonesia:
The Influence Measurement of Tolerance, Multiculturalism, and Historical Awareness on the Democratic Attitude
abstract | bibliography

Stanisław Juszczyk, Suwan Kim
The Polish and Korean Youth in the World of Digital Media:
Communication and Interests. A Comparative Analysis
abstract | bibliography

Mukhit-Ardager Sydyknazarov, Janel Karzhaubay, Saltanat Sydyknazarova Makangali Bayurzhan
Values of the Youth of Kazakhstan abstract | bibliography

Bogusław Śliwerski
The Polish Educational Policy after 28 Years of Political Transformation abstract | bibliography

Katarzyna Kącka, Bartłomiej Michalak, Joanna Piechowiak-Lamparska
Impact of Scholarly Publications and the Selected Socio-Demographic Factors abstract | bibliography

Ade Dedi Rohayana, Umi Mahmudah
Canonical Correlation for Analyzing the Relationship between Educational Attainment and Marriage of Indonesian Youth
abstract | bibliography


Janja Batič, Dragica Haramija
The Role of Illustration in Interpreting a Multimodal Literary Text abstract | bibliography

Liudmyla Sydorivna Brovchak, Lesia Vasylivna Starovoit, Larysa Mykolaivna Likhitska
Pedagogical Conditions for Creative and Artistic Development of Children of Senior Preschool Age by Means of Art
abstract | bibliography

Hongchi Jiang, Yan Liang, Juan Carlos González
Problems and Solutions to the Undergraduates’ Free Option Power of Learning : A Case Study of One “211 project” University in Central China
abstract | bibliography

Eun-Kyeong Yun
Developing Communicative Competence in Spoken Arabic: A Survey of Korean University Students
abstract | bibliography


Sanjeev Kumar
Professional Preparation of In-Service Teachers for ‘Prayas’ Program in Science and Impact in Classrooms
abstract | bibliography

Endang Susantini, Sifak Indana, Isnawati
Using Metacognitive Strategy to Teach Learning Strategies:
A Study of Indonesian Pre-Service Biology Teachers abstract | bibliography


Hisham A. Almakanin, Ali M. Alodat
Issues of Children with Disabilities as Reflected in the Jordanian Media from their Parents’ Perception: A SWOT Analysis
abstract | bibliography

Jacek J. Błeszyński
The Quality of Life of Pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorders – Comparative Research on Mainstream Integrated Education and Special Education Institutions in Poland
abstract | bibliography