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Editor’s preface


Magdaléna Nedelová, Denisa Šukolová
Critical Thinking in Initial Teacher Education: Secondary Data
Analysis from Ahelo GS Feasibility Study in Slovakia
abstract | bibliography

Krzysztof Sas-Nowosielski, Mirela Nowicka, Agnieszka Kowalczyk
Age-related Differences in Motives for and Barriers to Exercise Among Women Exercising in Fitness Centers abstract | bibliography

Genutė Gedvilienė, Vidmantas Tūtlys
The Role of Key Competences in Adult Education: The Case of Lithuania abstract | bibliography

Danuta Borecka-Biernat, Gražina Čiuladienė
A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Lithuanian and Polish Adolescents’ Conflict Styles
abstract | bibliography

Hossein Jenaabadi, Naser Nastiezaie, Hamideh Safarzaie
The Relationship of Academic Burnout and Academic Stress with Academic Self-Efficacy among Graduate Students abstract | bibliography

Umi Mahmudah, Suhartono, Siti Fatimah
A Robust Approach to Analyzing the Factors Influencing Quality Education in Indonesia
abstract | bibliography

Abdulwahab Pourghaz, Afsaneh Marziyeh, Somayeh Najafi
Critical Thinking and Its Relationship with Social Tolerance among Students
abstract | bibliography

Josef Malach, Kateřina Kristová
The Impact of School Education and Family Environment on Pupils’ Entrepreneurial Spirit and Attitude to Entrepreneurship abstract | bibliography

Salah Hailat
The Image of Women in the Books of National and Civic Education of Basic Stage in Jordan abstract | bibliography

Mário Dulovics, Jana Kamenská
Analysis of Cyber-Bullying Forms by Aggressors in Elementary and Secondary Schools
abstract | bibliography

Agnieszka Jeran, Katarzyna Kącka, Joanna Piechowiak-Lamparska
Publication Efficiency in Science. Suggestions on Measures and their Application Using the Case of Poland and Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
abstract | bibliography

Ulrich Binder
The Category of Gender from the Theoretical Perspective of Equity abstract | bibliography


Mohd Salehuddin Mohd Zahari, Mohd Hafiz Hanafiah, Mohamad Abdullah Hemdi
ICGPA as an Integrated Grading System: A Qualitative Study abstract | bibliography

Piriya Somasundram, Sharifah Norul Akmar, Leong Kwan Eu
Year Five Pupils’ Understanding of Generalised Arithmetic abstract | bibliography

Olena Kuzminska, Nataliia Morze, Eugenia Smyrnova-Trybulska
Flipped Learning Model: Tools and Experience of Its Implementation in Higher Education
abstract | bibliography

Nurulhuda Md Hassan, Saemah Rahman
Problem Solving Skills, Metacognitive Awareness, and Mathematics Achievement: A Mediation Model abstract | bibliography

Violetta Lappo
Technology of Attraction of Film Art Works in The Spiritual Values nEducation Process of High School Students a href=”https://tner.polsl.pl/e49/a17.pdf” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>abstract | bibliography

Beata Mazepa-Domagała
Profile of Illustration in Children’s Literature Books Based on the Image Preferences of the Youngest Readers abstract | bibliography


Marta Kondracka-Szala, Joanna Malinowska
Entrepreneurship as the Key Competence of Early Education Teachers in the Context of Employers’ Expectations – Research Report abstract | bibliography

Ali Ebrahim, Waleed Eyadat, Fahad Alshammari

Challenges in Teaching Practice at the College of Education based on the Perceptions of Pre-Service Teachers: The Case for Kuwait University abstract | bibliography

Ace Suryadi, Unifah Rasjidi, Dasim Budimansyah
Does Teaching Licensure Boost Student Learning? Indonesia’s Answer abstract | bibliography


Oksana P. Serhieienkova, Inna O. Kaniuka
Professional Reflection of Psychology Students: The Way of Enhancement abstract | bibliography

Katarzyna Markiewicz, Sara Filipiak, Bożydar L.J. Kaczmarek
Relationship between Procrastination and a University Subject in Polish University Students abstract | bibliography