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Editor’s preface


Natalya Antonova, Iuliia Shnai, Mariia Kozlova
Flipped Classroom in the Higher Education System: a Pilot Study
in Finland and Russia abstract | bibliography

Viktoriya Levchenko
Use of Corpus-based Classroom Activities in Developing Academic Awareness in Doctoral Students abstract | bibliography

Luciana F. Damázio, Marcela Hanriot
The Revision of a Marketing Course Using
a Competency-Based Curriculum abstract | bibliography

Hardianto Rahman, Syamsul Bachri Thalib, Alimuddin Mahmud
Integrated Character Education in Social Sciences with Contextual Teaching and Learning Approach abstract | bibliography

Darjo Felda, Mirjam Bon Klanjšček
Teaching Statistics in the Background of Teaching Mathematics abstract | bibliography

Sultan, Ahmad Rofiuddin, Nurhadi, Endah Tri Priyatni
The Development of a Critical Reading Learning Model to Promote University Students’ Critical Awareness abstract | bibliography

Monika Wiśniewska-Kin
Children’s Metaphor Comprehension and Production abstract | bibliography

Martina Kekule, Vojtěch Žák, Zuzana Ješková, Katarína Kimáková
Gender Differences when Assessing the Impact of Inquiry-Based Science Education abstract | bibliography


Lucia Pašková
Socio-Emotional Health of Secondary School Students abstract | bibliography

Stanisław Juszczyk, Yongdeog Kim
Impact of Culture on Education in Poland and South Korea. A Comparative Analysis abstract | bibliography

Bolu-Steve Foluke Nike
Need for HIV Voluntary Counselling and Testing Services in Secondary Schools as Expressed by In-School Adolescents in Kwara State, Nigeria abstract | bibliography

Anikó Fehérvári, Tamás Híves
Trajectories in Hungarian Education – Transition to Secondary School abstract | bibliography

Maciej Bernasiewicz
Working with Children at Risk in the Perspective of Symbolic Interactionism (IS) and Situational Action Theory (SAT) abstract | bibliography


Katja Depolli Steiner
A Qualitative Analysis of Primary School Teachers’ Burnout Patterns abstract | bibliography

Alina Szczurek-Boruta
Teachers and their Habitus – a few Reflections on Educational Activity abstract | bibliography

Heri Retnawati, Sudji Munadi, Janu Arlinwibowo, Nidya F. Wulandari, Eny Sulistyaningsih
Teachers’ Difficulties in Implementing Thematic Teaching and Learning in Elementary Schools abstract | bibliography

Manja Podgoršek, Alenka Lipovec
Self-Assessment Ability of Pre-Service Teachers abstract | bibliography


Klopota Yevheniі, Klopota Olga
Peculiarities of Interpersonal Cooperation of Youth with Different Vision Levels abstract | bibliography


Anna Kózka, Hanna Przybyła-Basista
Ego-Resiliency and Parental Satisfaction Among Parents of Children with Down Syndrome abstract | bibliography

Margarita Gutiérrez-Moret, Remedios Aguilar-Moya, Raquel Ibáñez-Martínez, Antonio Vidal-Infer
Ability vs. Self-Perception in Emotional Intelligence: Do We Measure the Same Thing? abstract | bibliography

Dagna J. Kocur
The Need for Power and Influence, Sense of Power and Directiveness Among Teachers abstract | bibliography


Maria Świątkiewicz-Mośny
What Does Identity Mean for Young People in Poland? abstract | bibliography


David Herrera-Pastor, Iulia Mancila, Saville Kushner
A Cross-Narrative Analysis in Biographical Inquiry – a Research Note abstract | bibliography