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Editor’s preface

Social pedagogy

Beata Žitniaková Gurgová, Eva Nábělková
Typology of Undergraduate Students by Academic Performance and Aspects of Achievement Motivation abstract | bibliography

Katarína Hollá, Lívia Fenyvesiová, Jana Hanuliaková
Measurement of Cyber-Bullying Severity abstract | bibliography

Rita Dukynaitė, Jolita Dudaitė
Influence of School Factors on Students’ Sense of School Belonging abstract | bibliography

Olena Budnyk, Piotr Mazur
The Hierarchy of Values Among Young People
from Schools in the Mountainous Regions (Comparative study on the example of Poland and Ukraine) abstract | bibliography

Ewa Ogrodzka-Mazur
The Realization and Fulfillment of Life Aspirations by Children and Youth from the Polish-Czech Borderland abstract | bibliography

Prince Chukwuneme Enwereji, Ifeanyi Mbukanma, Joshua Ebere Chukwuere Factors Affecting Low Performance of Junior Learners in a Developing
Country: Southern Region of Botswana abstract | bibliography

Sladjana N. Zuković, Jovana J. Milutinović
Parents’ Attitudes Toward and Level of Information about Private and Alternative Schools
abstract | bibliography

Suwan Kim
Arab Culture Education Using a Soap Opera :
Focus on the Application of The Methodology of Ethnography of Communication
abstract | bibliography

Touba Pouramiri, Vali Mehdinezhad
Servant Leadership as a Predictor of High School Principals’ Organizational Trust
abstract | bibliography

Peter Gavora, Adriana Wiegerová
Self-efficacy of Students in a Preschool Education Programme: The Construction of a Research Instrument abstract | bibliography

Kokom Komalasari, Didin Saripudin
A Model of Living Values Education-Based Civic Education Textbooks
in Indonesia abstract | bibliography

Katarzyna Borzucka-Sitkiewicz, Katarzyna Kowalczewska-Grabowska,
Dorota Gawlik, Dorota Lamczyk
Teachers’ Opinions on Health Education Implementation in Polish Lower and Upper Secondary Schools abstract | bibliography


Zlatica Huľová, Denisa Šukolová
Slovak Primary Education Teachers’ Views about and Attitudes
Towards Contents of Work and Technical Education abstract | bibliography

Lenka Rovnaňová, Lívia Nemcová
Integration of Theoretical and Practical Undergraduate Training in the Processes of Developing Student Teachers’ Professional Competences abstract | bibliography

The Effect of Incentive Reward, Teacher Psychological Competence, and School Principal Leadership on Teacher Work Motivation in
Senior High Schools in Medan abstract | bibliography

Yoppy Wahyu Purnomo
The complex Relationship between Teachers’ Mathematics-related
Beliefs and Their Practices in Mathematics Class abstract | bibliography

M.B. Bello, A. Yusuf, I.O.O. Amali
Teachers’ Emotional Intelligence and Moral Character as Predictors of Secondary School Students’ Moral Character in Ilorin South, Nigeria abstract | bibliography

General Didactics

Boža D. Miljković, Aleksandar V. Petojević, Mališa R. Žižović
On-line Student Emotion Monitoring as a Model of Increasing Distance Learning Systems Efficiency abstract | bibliography

Zbyněk Vácha, Lukáš Rokos
Integrated Science and Biology Education as Viewed by Czech University Students and their Attitude to Inquiry-Based Scientific
Education abstract | bibliography

Special Pedagogy

Nawaf Al-Zyoud, Eman Al-Zboon
Self-regulation Among Young Women with Disabilities in Jordan from Their Perspectives
abstract | bibliography

Agnieszka Łaba-Hornecka
The Use of Puppets in Bibliotherapy Classes in Order to Help Shape the Adaptive Behaviour of Pupils with Mild Intellectual Disabilities (Based on a Pedagogical Experiment Applying the Parallel Groups Technique) abstract | bibliography

Preschool Education

Elżbieta Płóciennik
Divergent Tasks in the Diagnosis of Wisdom in Older Preschool Children abstract | bibliography

Chosen Aspects of Psychology

Ahmad M. Mahasneh
The Effect of Using Electronic Mind Mapping on Achievement and Attitudes in an Introduction to Educational Psychology Course abstract | bibliography