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Editor’s preface

Social pedagogy

Tomasz Huk
Use of Facebook by Children Aged 10–12. Presence in Social Media despite the Prohibition abstract | bibliography

Ismail, Syamsul Bachri Thalib,
Sulaiman Samad, Ramlan Mahmud
The development of Character education Model to Improve Students’ Academic Independence in Islamic Boarding School in Sinjai District, INDONESIA abstract | bibliography

Blahoslav Kraus
Upbringing and Socialization in the Contemporary Family abstract | bibliography

Petr Kutáč
The development of School Bag Weight as a risk Factor for Poor Posture during School Attendance abstract | bibliography

Olga V. Bezpalko, Nataliia A. Klishevych, Tetiana L. Liakh, Roman O. Pavliuk
Criteria and Indicators of University education Quality: The results of expert Interview abstract | bibliography

Monika Piątkowska, Elżbieta Biernat
Does Physical Activity Protect Adolescents against risk Behaviour? abstract | bibliography

Katarzyna Front-Dziurkowska
Social and Institutional Support as Perceived by Female domestic Violence Victims Serving Custodial Sentence abstract | bibliography

Ingrid Emmerová
School Preventive Socio-educational Work of Social Pedagogues in the Slovak republic and an outline of Their Activities in the other V4 Countries abstract | bibliography

Miriam Niklová, Michaela Šajgalová
Pupils’ Aggressive Behaviour Towards Teachers in elementary Schools in Slovakia abstract | bibliography

General Didactics

Ján Bajtoš, Mária Kašaiová
Use of Interactive Whiteboards in The Work of Teachers of Vocational Subjects With an emphasis on The effectiveness of Teaching abstract | bibliography

Alicja Gałązka, Magdalena Trinder
Locus of Control and receptive Skills in Second Language Acquisition abstract | bibliography

Cheng-Chang Tsai
A Case Study of english-Major Students’ Preferences for english reading from a Printed Text versus electronic Text abstract | bibliography

Slavica Čepon
The dissonance between Teachers‘ and Students‘ Views on Speaking Anxiety in Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes abstract | bibliography

Stanisław Juszczyk, Yongdeog Kim
Are Open education and Flexible Forms of Learning a Civilisation requirement or a Technological o bligation? abstract | bibliography

Marleny Leasa, Melvie Talakua, John Rafafy Batlolona
The development of a Thematic Module Based on Numbered Heads Together (NHT) Cooperative Learning Model for elementary Students in Ambon, Moluccas-Indonesia abstract | bibliography

Special Pedagogy

Katarzyna Ita Bieńkowska, Agnieszka Woźniak
Language Behaviours in Children with Hearing Impairment vs. the Social Functioning of their Mothers – Comparative Surveys abstract | bibliography

Marta Licardo, Majda Schmidt
Why is Self-determination Important for Students with and Without disabilities in Vocational education? abstract | bibliography

Teresa Żółkowska
The ’Undisclosed’ Subject of Normalization abstract | bibliography

Katja Roj, Jurij Planinšec, Majda Schmidt
Effect of Swimming Activities on the development of Swimming Skills in Student with Physical disability – Case Study abstract | bibliography

Kindergarten education

Rasim Basak
Perfectionist Behavior and expressions of Perfectionism in drawings of Kindergarteners abstract | bibliography

Chosen Aspects of Psychology

Abdulwahab Pourghaz, Hossein Jenaabadi, Zahra Ghaeninejad
Personality Types and Sense of Humor and their Association with Teachers’ Performance Improvement abstract | bibliography

Lada Kaliská, Ján Kaliský
The Potential of emotional Intelligence in Personality Space abstract | bibliography

Maria Chełkowska-Zacharewicz, Aneta Kałmuk
People’s Beliefs on the Origins of Talent – the Implicit Theory of Talent in Different Job and Study Groups (a Polish Study) abstract | bibliography

reviewers of the Manuscripts sent from the Czech republic, Poland, the Slovak republic, and from the Whole World to “The New educational review” in 2016 abstract