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Editor’s preface

Social pedagogy

Farid Ahmadi
Developing a General Scale for Testing the Amount of the Individual’s Susceptibility to Performance Contagion abstract | bibliography

Tapio Puolimatka
The Gender diverse and the Genderless Conceptions of Marriage and Children’s Right to Develop their Sexual Identity abstract | bibliography

Dacian Dolean, Ioana Tincas, Crina I. Damsa
Enhancing the Pre-literacy Skills of Roma Children: The Role of Socio-economic Status and Classroom Interventions in the Development of Phonemic Awareness abstract | bibliography

Jeong Kyung Park, Yong Deog Kim, Kaia DeMatteo
Nation Branding through Internationalization of Higher Education: A Case Study of African Students in South Korea abstract | bibliography

Milada Rabušicová, Lenka Kamanová, Kateřina Pevná
Family Learning Models in Intergenerational Perspective abstract | bibliography

Ace Suryadi, Dasim Budimansyah
Advance School Leadersip, Progress Teaching Approach and Boost Learning : The Case of Indonesia abstract | bibliography

General Didactics

Wojciech Kojs, Jolanta Gabzdyl
Questions Hidden in Schoolchildren’s Responses – Structure and Didactic Functions
abstract | bibliography

Marianna Müller de Morais, Monika Pindešová
Perception of the Classroom Climate from the Perspective of Teachers and Pupils
abstract | bibliography

Matjaž Duh
Developing Art Appreciation in Students of Education from Different European Countries
abstract | bibliography

Saša Jazbec, Branka Čagran, Alja Lipavic Oštir
Early Foreign Language Learning from the Children’s Perspective abstract | bibliography

Beena Vijayavalsalan
Mind Mapping as a Strategy for Enhancing Essay Writing Skills abstract | bibliography

Rissaphop Treesuwan, Tanes Tanitteerapan
Students’ Perceptions on Learner-Centered Teaching Approach abstract | bibliography

Vinitha Guptan, Ratneswary Rasiah
Competence Development in Business Undergraduates: The Role of Formative Assessment and Humour abstract | bibliography


Alexander Sergeevich Mishchenko, Nikolay Anreevich Lobanov
Interaction between Factors of Activities and Culture of Teachers as an Integrated Resource for the Development of the Educational Process in Vocational Schools and Colleges
abstract | bibliography

Jana Stehlíková, Marta Valihorová
Possibilities of Targeted Development of Empathy in Teachers’ Undergraduate Training
abstract | bibliography

Triyanto, Rif’ati Dina Handayani
Teacher Motivation Based on Gender, Tenure and Level of Education abstract | bibliography

Ahmad M. Mahasneh, Fawaz Y. Musslim, Nizar A. Shammout
Student Perceptions of Science Teacher Communication Behavior in Jordan
abstract | bibliography

Special Pedagogy

Bilal Çoban, Yunus Emre Karakaya, Tamer Karademir
The Relationship between Negative Behaviors of Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Physical Education and Sports Lessons and Teachers’ Burnout Levels abstract | bibliography

Tatyana Chepel, Saule Aubakirova, Tatyana Kulevtsova
The Study of Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Inclusive Education Practice: The Case of Russia abstract | bibliography

Media Pedagogy

Andrej Kovačič, Mateja Rek
Factors Increasing Media Exposure of Preschool Children abstract | bibliography

Eugenia Smyrnova-Trybulska
Some Aspects of Increasing the Effectiveness and Comfort of the Scientific and Educational Process in University Electronic Environment – a Research Report abstract | bibliography

Work Psychology

Elżbieta Turska, Anna Mochnacka
Acculturation Strategies and Work Engagement Among Polish Migrant Workers in Great Britain abstract | bibliography


Mehdi Haseli Songhori
Book review: Danuta Gabryś-Barker, Dagmara Galajda, Positive Psychology Perspectives on Foreign Language Learning and Teaching, Springer International Publishing: Switzerland 2016, 366 pp. abstract | bibliography


Anna Brosch
The Summer School of Young Pedagogues as a Community of Learners – A Report on the Jubilee Meeting abstract