Volume 44/2016

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ISSN 1732-6729


Editor’s preface

Social pedagogy

Jong-ho Nam, Insik Kim, Yongdeog Kim
Social Science Education Offered by Chinese Departments in Korean Universities abstract | bibliography

Charl C. Wolhuter
Should Comparative Education be Superseded by Comparative and International Education? abstract | bibliography

Efrat Eilam, Fiachra Barry
Females’ Exclusion from Physics: Examining Two Deterring Factors abstract | bibliography

Thiago Freires, Fátima Pereira, Carolina Santos
Family Involvement in Schooling . A North Portugal Portrait by Elementary Students
abstract | bibliography

Natalya Ivankova, Natalya Zhumagulova, Ludmila Povstjan, Dinara Userbayevna Bekenova, Aigul Mukhamedina, Tolkyn Alkhatova, Janat Zhantemirovich Sakenov
Studying Teachers’ and Parents’ attitudes Towards Educationally Underperforming Adolescents – Students of General Education Schools abstract | bibliography

Jan Lašek, Petra Kalibová, Jana Andršová
Adolescents and Information and Communication Technologies :
Use and a Risk of Addiction abstract | bibliography

Azita Turkpour, Vali Mehdinezhad
Social Support, Academic Support and Adaptation
to College: Exploring the Relationships between Indicators of College Students
abstract | bibliography

Beata Ecler-Nocoń
The Family and Modern Trends : How to Construct
an Optimal Model of Roles Played in the Family abstract | bibliography

Kokom Komalasari, Sapriya
Living Values Education in Teaching Materials to Develop Students’ Civic Disposition
abstract | bibliography

General didactis

Rafidah Othman, Masitah Shahrill, Lawrence Mundia, Abby Tan,
Miftachul Huda
Investigating the Relationship Between the Student’s Ability and
Learning Preferences: Evidence from Year 7 Mathematics Students abstract | bibliography

Biljana Stojanović, Radmila Milovanović, Ivana Ćirković-Miladinović
Encouraging the Development of Cognitive Operations in Early School
Age Children by Applying the System of Didactic Games abstract | bibliography

Hutkemri, Sharifah Norul Akmar Syed Zamri
Effectiveness of Geogebra on Academic and Conceptual Knowledge :
Role of Students’ Procedural Knowledge as a Mediator abstract | bibliography

Malika Maksatovna Knissarina, K.Zh. Aganina,
Muslima Abdykarimovna Bashbayeva, Yuliya Zame,
Yerksh Shaikhimov
Development of Regulatory Skills in Younger School Pupils abstract | bibliography

Erni Ratna Dewi, Patta Bundu, Suradi Tahmir
The Effect of Emotional Intelligence, Competence and Interpersonal
Communication on the Performance of Senior High School Teachers
Through Achievement Motivation in Makassar, Indonesia abstract | bibliography


Amalija Žakelj, Mara Cotič
Teachers on the Efficacy of Support to Students
with Learning Difficulties abstract | bibliography

Elvira E. Symanyuk, Anna A. Pecherkina
A Study on the Components of Teachers’ Professional Competence abstract | bibliography

Alina Szczurek-Boruta
The Condition of Teachers and their Preparation for Work ,
Implications of Intercultural Education in Poland abstract | bibliography


Larysa Lukianova
Motivation Factors of Adult Learning abstract | bibliography

Svitlana Babushko
Challenge for Ukrainian Researchers: English as a Second Language abstract | bibliography


Tina Štemberger, Vanja Riccarda Kiswarday abstract | bibliography
Validation of the Inclusive Competences Scale for Educators


Barbara Bilewicz-Kuźnia
Places, Toys and Activities Observed in the Course
of Children’s Free Play in Preschool abstract | bibliography


Ulrich Binder
Truth/Utility, Autonomy/Heteronomy, Theory/Practice . On the Unity
of the Difference of Educational-Scientific Dualities abstract | bibliography


Anna Kózka, Hanna Przybyła-Basista
The Relationships between Perceived Stress and Psychological Wellbeing
Among Mothers and Fathers of Children with Down Syndrome abstract | bibliography


Herri Mulyono
Book Review: A. Maley & N. Peachey (eds.), Creativity in the English
Language Classroom , British Council, 2015, 172 pp. abstract | bibliography