Volume 43/2016 okladka2016_m

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ISSN 1732-6729


Editor’s preface

General didactics

Vlasta Hus, Minka Koprivnik – Development of Some Notions of the Learning to Learn Competence in Students of Primary Education in Slovenia abstract | bibliography

Fifi lia Xiao, Bens Pardamean – MOOC Model: Dimensions and Model Design to Develop Learning abstract | bibliography

Irena Przybylska – Emotional Intelligence and Burnout in the Teaching Profession abstract | bibliography

Pavel Doulík, Petr Eisenmann, Jiří Přibyl, Jiří Škoda -Unconventional Ways of Solving Problems in Mathematics Classes abstract | bibliography

Ahmed Th aer, Ghbari Thaer – Th e Eff ect of ARCS Motivational Model on Achievement Motivation and Academic Achievement of the Tenth Grade Students abstract | bibliography

Mikhail Kolyada, Tatyana Bugayeva, Grigoriy Kapranov – Energizing Students in Class on the Basis of Positional Training Model abstract | bibliography

Matjaž Duh, Jerneja Herzog, Miroslav Huzjak – Popularity of Art Motifs among Fourth-Grade Primary School Students in Slovenia and Croatia abstract | bibliography

Irina A. Malinina – Implementing Web 2.0 Tools for Collaborative Work of Learners Studying English abstract | bibliography

Social pedagogy

Sylwia Szopa, Krzysztof Sas-Nowosielski – Family Recreation Zones as a Supportive Environment for Physical Activity in the Opinion of Its Users abstract | bibliography

Fernando Barragán, José Gómez, Antonio Llorens, Pedro D. Herrera – Gender Violence and Prisoners: Action Research and Pedagogy abstract | bibliography

Andrés J. Muñoz-Mohedano, Miguel A. Martin-Sanchez – Reality and Criticism of Gift edness in the Spanish Education System abstract | bibliography

Moh. Muchtarom, Dasim Budimansyah, Ace Suryadi – The Implementation of Integrated Education to Develop the Intact Personality of Students abstract | bibliography

Abdul Razaq Ahmad, Mohd Mahzan Awang – Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Socio-Educational Support and Community Engagement for Educational Development of Aboriginal Students abstract | bibliography

Aleksandra Tłuściak-Deliowska – School Experiences Retrospectively: Relationship Between Recall of Bullying Experiences and Perception of Schools by Pedagogy Students abstract | bibliography


Radmila Burkovičová – Motivation to Become a Preschool Teacher abstract | bibliography

Krzysztof Rubacha, Mariana Sirotova, Mariola Chomczyńska-Rubacha – Educational Self-Effi cacy in Teachers of Various Ethical Orientations. The Slovak Research abstract | bibliography

Kyung Ryung Kim, Eun Hee Seo – Investigation into the Desirable Character of Korean Teachers Using the Delphi Technique abstract | bibliography

Elena V. Kostareva, Tatyana M. Permyakova – Th e Study of EFL Teachers’ Instruction Formalization in LMS abstract | bibliography

Media pedagogy

Anna Brosch – When the Child is Born into the Internet : Sharenting as a Growing Trend among Parents on Facebook abstract | bibliography

Rajko Pećanac, Biljana Jeremić, Zivorad Milenović – Digital Media in the Teaching of Music Education abstract | bibliography

June Lee, Yangmi Koo, Mi Hwa Kim – Enhancing Problem Solving Skills in Science Education with Social Media and an e-Collaboration Tool abstract | bibliography

 Some aspects of psychology

Lenka Ďuricová, Lucia Lukáčová – Adolescent School-Related Self-Concept in Relation to Adolescent Personality abstract | bibliography

Dagna J. Kocur – Th e Phenomenon of Fift y Shades of Grey: the Role of Sexual Satisfaction and Motivation abstract | bibliography

Methodology of research

Zuzanna Zbróg – Collective Biography Writing – Th eoretical Foundations, Methods and Outline of the Research Procedure abstract | bibliography