The journal is published four times a year.

Editorial correspondence, including manuscripts for submission and books for review, should be addressed to:

Editor in Chief, Stanisław Juszczyk (for authors from Poland and other countries), to Associate Editor Ingrid Emmerová (for authors from the Slovak Republic) and to Associate Editor Peter Franiok (for authors from the Czech Republic). The addresses are as follows:

Stanisław Juszczyk
Silesian University of Technology,
Institute of Education and Communication Research,
44-100 Gliwice, Hutnicza 9-9A, Poland,, tel.: +48 32 400 39 52

Bronislavá Kasačová
Matej Bel University, Faculty of Education
974 11 Banská Bystrica, Ružová 13, Slovak Republic
e-mail:, tel.: +421/48/446 48 63

Alena Seberová
University of Ostrava, Faculty of Education
701 03 Ostrava, F. Šrámka 3, Czech Republic, tel.: +420 553 46 26 77


Guidelines for Contributors.

The New Educational Review includes manuscripts in English that describe or synthesize both empirical and theoretical research in the sciences of education, sociology of education and psychology of teaching, and attempts to reflect on a variety of future trends in these fields. The articles may be of two types:

  1. papers – formal presentations of significant research projects,
  2. correspondence – general comments, brief descriptions of new results, letters to the Editor.

Apart from the main articles, each issue may also contain essays written by renowned academics, book reviews and information on international conferences that will be held in the Slovak Republic, Poland and the Czech Republic, together with a section on research reports focusing on recently completed empirical work.

  1. Contributors should submit their manuscripts to be considered for publication electronically as Word files with minimum formatting in Times New Roman by e-mail: to by authors from the Slovak Republic, to by authors from the Czech Republic and to by authors from Poland and other countries.
  2. The length of every manuscript is limited to 25 000 characters, including spaces, tables, figures and references. The following information should be provided on the first page: the title of the article, the author’s name and surname, scientific degree, full address of the institution, the ORCID number, e-mail address, and an abstract of about 100 words. The abstract should precede the text and include a brief statement of the problem, research method, data, and conclusions. In the case of a manuscript commenting on an article previously published in the journal, the abstract should state the topics covered and central thesis. Keywords should be written below the abstract.
  3. If any of the findings reported in the manuscript have been published elsewhere, or if there are plans to use any or all of the findings in other manuscripts for publication, the author(s) should explain the intent and the circumstances at the time of first submission.
  4. Reproductions of figures (graphs and charts) may be submitted for review purposes, but figures must be supplied in their original source files if the manuscript is accepted for publication – we do not accept scans of figures.
  5. Explanatory notes should be avoided wherever possible and their content should be incorporated in the text. Essential notes should be identified by consecutive superscripts and listed in the Notes section at the end of the text.
  6. Principles of citations in the text: the author’s name, the year of publication and the page number in parentheses. References should be  quotes from  English and/or German and/or  French sources   and  references to sources in other languages should be limited  (up to a maximum of two). References written in languages other than English should be translated into English in brackets. References should be placed at the end of the article in alphabetical order and respect the rules of the APA Publication Manual. References should include the digital object identifier (DOI) number for articles and ebooks when available.
  7. All manuscripts are blind reviewed by two independent reviewers, who pay attention to the following aspects of every manuscript: presentation of the most important results of empirical research (not all results), qualitative discussion of quantitative data, information on what is new in the presented research and the author’s contribution to the sciences of education, sociology of education or psychology of teaching. Accepted manuscripts are normally published within six months of acceptance.
  8. Because of the large number of manuscripts sent to the editorial office from the whole world, we publish only those which obtain the greatest number of points in the reviewer’s form  Pdf version of review form.
  9. Together with the manuscript, every author should send the declaration and copyright form, filled in and signed by all the authors, which is placed on the journal website. Only the manuscripts which fulfill the formal as well as the essential requirements of our journal are referred to the editorial process.
  10. Contributors should become familiar with the scientific problems addressed in the journal (prior to sending their articles).

The article template can be downloaded in Word document format and Rich Text Format .

The Declaration and Copyright Transfer Form can be downloaded in Word format MS Word version of declaration and copyright transfer form or as PDF Pdf version of declaration and copyright transfer form.